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10084 Forest Springs Dr
Grass Valley, CA 95949

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Question: Are there any homes for rent in Forest Springs?
Answer:  No. Forest Springs is an owner occupied park only. All our residents must be registered owners or co-owners of their home.

Question: Are there any other qualifications to live in Forest Springs?
Yes. This is a community for people 55 years and older who must make application and be approved.  We check your credit score and verify that you have three times the monthly rent in income.  

Question: How much is the space rent at Forest Springs?
Answer: Currently, space rent in Phases I and II is $765 a month and in Phase III $795 a month.   

Question:  Are any other costs included in the space rent at Forest Springs?
Answer:  Monthly green waste collection is included. Otherwise, in addition to monthly space rent, residents pay their own utility costs, sewer, small county 
assessments, garbage collection and optional services as desired  (Ex., cable TV and/or RV space rental).

Question: Can I park my RV overnight in the park?
Answer:  RV parking spaces are reserved for storage only of RVs belonging to our residents who pay a monthly fee for them as space is available. There is no camping in Forest Springs.

Question: Are pets allowed at Forest Springs?
Answer:  Two small pets are allowed per unit. Dogs must be leashed unless they are in our dog park and cats must be kept indoors unless there is a fully confined outdoor space for them. Visitors may not bring their pets into Forest Springs.

Question: Are children allowed at Forest Springs?
Answer:  Children are permitted to visit for limited periods of time but no one under 18 may live in Forest Springs.  

Question:  How many people may live in one home in Forest Springs?
Answer: Two. In addition, while the park is designed for a maximum of two people per home, a third person who gives care or an immediate family member who needs care is permitted when a copy of a doctor's order is on file in the Forest Springs office.